Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have any units that will be available soon?
We probably do! Email me and I will let you know what will be available in the coming months and where these units are located. christie@cestbonrentals.com

Do you complete a credit check with applications?
Yes, we do. However, bad or late credit does not necessarily mean that your application is not accepted. We do a credit check, eviction check and background search for convictions for final applicants.

Will you complete a background check when I apply?
We complete background checks as a final part of the application process. 

Do you charge an application fee?
No application fee, there is a fee for background, eviction and credit check, you pay the amount that we pay for this service.

Do you charge late fees?
Yes. After the 5th of each month, late fees will begin to accrue.

Do you charge an NSF fee?
Yes, there is a $50 fee for one NSF payment or check. If there is more than one NSF check or payment during a calendar year, then additional fees will be charged.